Monday, 9 December 2013

Charity Patchwork Quilt - Only Kids Aloud South Africa Patchwork Project

photo og various Kaffe Fasset striped quilting fabrics

Earlier this year, Cape Town Opera invited the Only Kids Aloud choir from Wales to come to South Africa next April to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of democracy and the end of apartheid. As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, the preparations for next year's celebrations are especially poignant. 

Only Kids Aloud singing Mahler with Marinnsky Orchestra
Only Kids Aloud is an all-Wales children’s choir, sponsored through the Wales Millenium Centre, and working with the Only Men Aloud choir. My son is one of the 70 children, aged from 9 to 13,  from across Wales who were selected from over 400 entrants to form the 2013-14 choir. 

While some of the chosen choir members, like my son, are fairly experienced singers, others are new to singing and performing on a stage, and many have never been away from home before. Only Kids Aloud is a fantastic development opportunity for children from across Wales – “broadening their horizons through performing” as well as encouraging young people to continue the great choral tradition of Wales.   

Only Kids Aloud Choir filmed for Olympic Opening Ceremony

My son was also a member of the previous year's choir who sang in St Petersburg, Russia, and for the London Olympics opening ceremony - an amazing experience for an 11 year old.    

Although the exact details of the South Africa visit haven’t been finalised,  the choir will be singing in two concerts in Cape Town with Bryn Terfel and will be taking a brand new song specially written as a gift for the South African nation. It is hoped they will also visit a township and sing with local young people - but whatever they do, I know they will do Wales proud - bringing the Land of Song to the Rainbow Nation.

Kaffe Fasset fabric for the charity quilt
To help raise funds for this Wales Millenium Centre project, I am designing and creating a patchwork quilt that brings together elements of both Wales and South Africa. 

I am still working out the pattern - but it it will be an unique one off design in at least a large lap size. 

I've already bought the fabric - I'm intending to use these glorious Kaffe Fasset African Stripes fabrics around a strong geometric central panel that will feature hand quilted motifs based on traditional Welsh quilting patterns.


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