Monday, 1 July 2013

Denim on Denim

(Or a sneaky peek at WWRY costumes!)

My teenage daughter Elen's been doing loads of dip dying and customising of denim - the results are looking fabulous and quite a few of her friends have asked if she'll make some for them.

But the house looks like a bomb site. I am having real difficulty finding somewhere to do my own sewing as we seem to have offcuts of denim and little metal studs everywhere. And dye - you don't dare put down anything in the utility room - just in case there are little stray flecks of dye powder. So small you don't see them, until you put a clean sheet or t-shirt on top! Time for a good clean up.

It was exactly the same last winter - when I was in costume making mode! Readers of my earlier posts may remember that LRVS were doing a showcase of three musicals this year and I've already shared some stories about The Sound of Music costumes - check out The Old Button Costumes page for easy links if you missed them.

I think I'll leave Les Miserables until the winter - it doesn't seem to feel right during summertime which I'm hoping its going to be warm - and start to tell you about We Will Rock You instead. Which is very apt as the first customised denim stuff done in our house was for WWRY costumes.

Now one of my all time favourite musicals, I wasn't really keen on We Will Rock You Over (or WWRY for short) to start. In fact a number of years ago, I turned down the chance to see the West End production when it toured to Cardiff. I love Queen and thought a musical based on their songs just wouldn't be able to do their music justice. And the plot seemed really silly - futuristic earth dominated by the cyberspace and brainwashed kids who are trying to find real music.

And the first time I saw it in London last year, it was more to get inspiration for the costumes rather than really wanting to see it. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it - energetic cast, great choreography - especially the Super Yuppies - and Queen's songs were cleverly woven into the story. And the jokes were brilliant - especially the one about Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west.

I loved this Benny Hill Christmas hit song from my childhood so looked it up when I got back home - here's a link to the YouTube video if you want to take a look yourself.  Brilliant. Really clever lyrics, perfect comic timing and I just love his facial expressions. Bit like WWRY really!

So back to the show. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll showcase the WWRY costumes made by me and the cast themselves- but until then, here is a little preview of Pop, Galileo and Scaramouche with Britney, Meat and the rest of the Bohemians. Lots of metal studs. And just a little denim on denim!

LRVS Showcase 2013 - We Will Rock You (Photograph by Peter Cook)

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