Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Trying to get the best photos of crafty makes!

Up front I have to say I'm not brilliant at photographing my makes. I've read loads of brilliant blogs and have picked up a lot of tips but I still struggle to get really good images.

A few Old Button makes with "garden" backdrops
"Do not, under any circumstances, photograph inside". Are you serious? I live in Wales. We only get about three dry days a year. OK, I'm exaggerating slightly but you get my point. I do try and photograph outside as much as I can though - and I try and avoid mid day. So that's a big tick.

"Use an uncluttered background - black or white is the best". Oops - most of my photos are taken in the garden - hanging aprons off trees and the line, posing toys next to flowers and laying quilts on the lawn. The neighbors must think I'm mad, especially when I get up on a step ladder to try and capture a huge quilt from a birds eye view!
Some Old Button makes on white
"Use a light box" - a box with white card or fabric. I have thought of making one of these for times when the weather just won't improve. But part of my problem is size and shape - its not easy getting huge quilts and play mats in a light box - I'd need one the size of my lounge! I have been experimenting with white sheets and card for smaller items and close ups - to bounce light on what I'm photographing.

The jury is still out for me - I totally get the plain background idea, but I'm having real difficulty getting them all the same shade of white! And I still love setting up shoots among the leaves (sorry that pun was awful - but it wasn't intentional so it is staying in.) I think I may need to enroll on a photography course!

I've been doing a bit of research around some of the Craftfest stalls - I'm putting myself in "customer" mode and picking out some pictures that I love. And after all, the customer is always right. It was both easy and hard - every stall I looked had brilliant photos that just said "Pick me! Pick me!" So here are just a few from the Coral team. Check out some more previews on the Craftfest Facebook page and of course come along to the on-line craft fair itself - it starts on 29th June, and runs for a week! A visual treat of fantastic quality hand made goodies.

Turquoise Open Flower Button

And I just love this collage from The Bead Bounty Buttons Craftfest stall. The glass lamp work button is just beautiful - the intensity of the colours just grabbed me and the different ways the button is angled make it easy to see the detail and the fantastic quality. 

The clever trick of show how a similar button on a clutch bag gives you ideas on it can be used and how big it is.

Knitted Baby Owl Twins

Adorable! These fluffy little chicks from Jollysam's Craftfest stall look amazing on this pale blue table - you can see how tactile they are. You just want to pick them up for a cuddle.

And I think the little props help focus the eye and add scale. 

21st Birthday Card

I just love the feathery skirt! This is just one of many gorgeous cards for all occasions on Paulines Passion's Craftfest stall.

I think the photo has great definition - the textures really stand out. The girl's skirt seems to float.

Candy Cane Ring

I think this really strong image of a gorgeous bracelet from Auli'i Beads' Craftfest stall is very clever.

The red and white bands of beads are brilliantly displayed against both white and black - and I think the subtle backdrop pattern really works too.  

I need to finish now so I can go off and make some more stuff - so I can try out some new photography ideas inspired by these photos and all the hundreds more on the Craftfest website.


  1. Great post Sharon. I definitely think a white background showcases my cushions best. But bunting is proving to be my nemesis...if I ever find a way to make it look great I'll be sure to share!

    Gill x

    Personal Space Interiors

  2. Oh yes Gill - bunting - anything long doesn't work with square photos either - please share anything that works for you