Friday, 21 June 2013

Tie Dyed Stuff for Teen Boys?

My 15 year old nephew Joe came round yesterday -  I'm arranging a work experience for him and he needed to sign some forms. He and my daughter Elen are the same age and although they spent a lot of time together as kids, we don't see that much of him now he's older as they go to different schools. 

Surprisingly for a teenager Joe's rather chatty - while I was digging out the forms he told us all about his recent clothes shopping trip with his mates. He was wearing one of his buys - a Help the Hero's t-shirt - which he was rather proud of - his dad was in the RAF and his older brother is just coming home from Afghanistan.   He also showed us a picture of a tie dye t-shirt he's bought from a popular clothes shop and was pretty interested in finding out what Elen was up to - he had seen her Damoiselle Designs Facebook page.

Tie dye t-shirt in slate blue
One of Joe's tie dye t-shirts
He was asking all sorts of questions about how to do it and where do you get the dye from - it was pretty obvious he was dying to have a go himself! Apparently tie dyed clothing is pretty popular with teenage boys as well as girls at the moment - one of his mates had even bought himself a pair of tie dyed boxer shorts!

So while Elen took herself back off to her room to revise - she's still in the middle of exams - I let him lose on a batch of slate blue dye and a couple of t-shirts.  Pretty impressive results!

He's dead keen now to do some more - he's coming back on Sunday to make a few batches up - he reckons he can sell them to his mates in school. I've been tasked with sourcing tag-less t-shirts - apparently boys prefer t-shirts without labels on the necks! I tracked some down by Hanes and ordered a load which hopefully should arrive tomorrow.

Dip dyed, bleached and re-worked denim shorts
Elen's dip dye and bleached denim shorts

I noticed Hanes also sell white cotton boxer shorts - and remembering Joe's mate, I was tempted to get some - but I doubt even my budding entrepreneurs could sell tie dyed boxers to their friends! So we won't go there.

Despite her exams, Elen's still managing to get some crafting done. As well as tie dying some t-shirts ready for screen printing and applique, she's been dip dying and customising denim shorts.

Scent Cosmetics Men's 007 Skyfall Set
Men's 007 Skyfall Massage Set

I've been browsing through some of the other stalls on Craftfest and found another crafty lad to keep Joe company - Gareth who, along with his super talented wife Carla, creates the most amazing hand painted soaps and scrummy cosmetics.

Just check out this Men's Skyfall 007 set on  Scent Cosmetics Craftfest stall with a gun shaped massage bar, soap bullets in soap case and a candle to get you both in the mood for a perfect massage.

Gareth is the team leader for the black team on Craftfest so I thought keep an eye out for some black beauties as I looked through my fellow Coral team member stalls this morning.  

Denim Daisy Hairband

Ok, so not strictly black, but close enough. And it's denim, so I had to include it! 

Blooms by Lyndsey's Craftfest stall has gorgeous flower inspired hairbands and clips. Made from lots of different types of fabrics and great centre pieces including buttons and diamante, there is something for everyone.

Valentine Black and Red Love Hearts Scrapbook

Keep It In A Frame's Craftfest stall has a fantastic selection of scrapbooks and memory albums.

I love the strong colours and shapes in this black and red love hearts scrapbook - perfect for memories of your first love?

Keep it in a Frame also has a wedding album stall.

Almost black - Blue Crystal Rainbow Bracelet

If you are looking for gorgeous pieces of jewellery that are all individually made, why not take a look at Claire's Craft Corner's Craftfest stall.

Claire loves colourful beads and each of her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bag charms are bright and attractive - standing out from the crowd.

Black Jersey Crochet Bracelet

And there's more jewellery here from Dueamiche's Craftfest stall - an amazing asssortment of unusual pieces created using crochet and knitting.

But with a modern twist!

And for my final stall today, I think I'll finish with one of Elen's favourites - she has a passion for hot chocolate.

She spotted these hot chocolate blocks that just need to be melted in a mug of hot milk on Special treats and tasty sweets Craftfest stall.

Think it's time for a hot chocolate myself. Bye.

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