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I love doing tutorials and articles showing how I created or made some of my designs. Some of these have been shared on The Old Button blog posts with  others featured as articles in magazines. You'll find links to a number of them here......

Recycled Denim Picnic Rug - a patchwork rug made from old denim jeans, offcuts from Indonesian sarongs and a green wadding that is made from recycled plastic bottles.  If you fancy having a go yourself - you'll find lots of gorgeous photos and detailed instructions on the online Creative Crafting magazine - Summer Crafting - June 2014 (page 52). Also featured in my From Jean Jeanie to Golden Brown blog post.
Tye dying with children - this is a fun easy to do  tutorial - great as a summer activity with young children.  This was also included in the Summer Crafting June 2014 edition of the Creative Crafting magazine (page 5), and I've also re created it as a blog post Tie dying with Becci, Maggie May and William Too.  


I love patchwork and last year I made  a charity quilt to raise funds for the Only Kids Aloud choir trip to South Africa to help celebrate 20 years after the end of Apartheid. 

Here are some blog posts with mini tutorials featuring a couple of my favorite blocks from the quilt. 

Traditional Welsh Quilting Inspired Central Star Panel
 Seminole or Zig Zag Quilt Panel

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