Friday, 28 June 2013

Screen printing t-shirts......

Tie Dye Vest
Today I'm handing over my blog to my daughter who has just started making dip dyed and screen printed clothes.

Hello! I’m Elen and I’m currently taking my GCSEs. My first year exams are all over now so I can dedicate more time to my fashion ideas, yay! 

I decided to start screen printing some of the t-shirts and bags that I'd managed to tie dye in breaks between frantic revision sessions!    

At first, it took a few tries to cut out the stencil that I had designed - I kept cutting off small parts of it by accident, but eventually I managed to get it right. I then started the long process of using sellotape to stick the stencil to the screen in exactly the right space. 

I had just finished sticking the stencil down, when I realised I’d stuck the stencil to the wrong side of the screen! So, I then enlisted mum’s help in undoing all of the tape, and redoing the whole process on the other side of the screen. It was much quicker with her help! 

I printed onto a few t-shirts and then on the third one disaster struck! The paper that I had cut the stencil out of was wet and leaking the ink onto the t-shirt! Needless to say, that t-shirt was ruined.

Screen Printed and Tie-Dyed T Shirts
I wasn’t sure what to do then, because I had planned to screen print a load of t-shirts and bags at the same time using the same stencil.

That obviously wouldn’t work if the stencil was getting ruined every few prints. Again, mum came to the rescue! She suggested that I use acetate as the stencil instead of paper, and offered to order some for me. 

There are loads of great stall at Craftfest again this summer and I've been having a look round myself. These are just some of the things I'd love to have myself.

Memory Wire Purple

This purple memory wire bracelet from ChillOutChic's Craftfest Stall is just gorgeous.

Lilacs and purples - some of my favourite colours - and perfect fit for Xmas Stocking. Hint hint Mum.  

Dog Blanket Kit
I found this cute little cat blanket kit on EmmaRose's Craftfest stall. It is adorable.  

I can't knit but I know someone who can! If I bought it, do you think my cats would stop sleeping on my school uniform!

Green Sherbet Heart Bowl

One of my stencil designs is a heart so I just had to include this beautiful glass bowl that I found on Glasspirations' Craftfest Stall

This would be perfect for holding my little bits of jewellry. 

The swirly pattern is looks a lot like tie dye too!

Black Leather Leaf Earrings with Silver Screw Spikes

Oh wow! Love love love! These fantastic leather earrings have studs! 

I've used studs on my up-cycled shorts, but not spiky ones like these (too painful LOL).

Check them out on Eminence Mode's Craftfest stall.

Summer Wall Hanging Kit

And finally, here is a fantastic wall hanging kit from Perfect Patchwork's Craftfest stall

The fabrics are gorgeous colours and I love batik. I've used the batik technique in my Textiles course and it's really hard work. Great to be able to buy fabrics ready batik'ed (is there such a word?).   

I bet this hanging would be stunning made up - my favourite colours again!

I hope my picks have made you want to pop over to see Craftfest for yourself. I'm sure you'll find loads of your own favourites. 

And if you are a crafter, why not join Creative Connections yourself. As well as meeting some great people, you'll can find out about the Mega Christmas Craftfest.