Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's's five to five... It's Crackerjack!

Remember that catch phrase? If like me you grew up in the UK during the 70s and 80s you may have watched a children's comedy TV show called Crackerjack.  The show's opening phrase has stuck in my head ever since and I borrow it from time to time.  

So it's's five to twelve.... It's Crafting Time!

Or it should be. I work part time and look forward to my days off so I can get some serious sewing done. And I've got a few custom orders due for early July as well as loads of new ideas in my head so I need to knuckle down.

Unfortunately I had an accident with a pair of scissors a few days ago and, although healing, my hand is very sore. Using a needle is difficult and cutting out - well, almost impossible!

Fuchia and lilac dip dyed denim shorts by Damoiselle Designs
Damoiselle Designs Dip Dyed shorts (work in progress)
It's a rather embarrassing story. My daughter Elen is (finally) following in my footsteps and making her own design printed and dyed t-shirts. She fancied doing some dip-dyed denim shorts as well, and as she is in the middle of her GCSE exams I offered to act as assistant.

I was showing her the "safe" way to fray the shorts after they were dyed - holding one blade against my thumb and scraping the other along the edge of the fabric. And you've guessed it - the scissors slipped and I gouged a whole chunk out of my thumb.

"Thanks Mum", she says, "I now know what NOT to do", while calmly getting out the first aid box and whipping the shorts and scissors out of my reach. "I'll finish them later this week after I've done my Chemistry exam."

I couldn't believe it - I've done this loads of times before - it's a great technique for distressing stage costumes. Note - a cheese grater works well too, but watch your knuckles!

So ok - if I'm not able to do much sewing, I thought I'd spend a bit of time on the computer. I'm a one finger typist at the best of times, so I don't need to use my poor thumb. I've had a lovely morning browsing through some of the stalls being set up for CRAFTfest and can't wait to share some real crackers with you. Just click on each of the links - highlighted in dark red - to go to each Craftfest stall.
Necklace from The Bead Bounty
Lamp Work Pendant Bead On Unusual Antique Bronze Coloured Chain

Sal, otherwise known as The Bead Bounty, just adores beads. As she says - it's a bead thing!

As well as a couple of great bead supply stalls, The Bead Bounty also sells the most gorgeous finished jewellery, like the Lamp Work Pendant shown in this picture, which is one of my favourites.

You can see more of Sal's finished pieces on The Bead Bounty Jewellery Craftfest Stall.

Beach wedding invitation with rafia, shells and starfish embellishments
Beach Wedding Invitation - Rafia,Shells & Starfish

Next stop is Waterlily Cards Keepsakes Craftfest Album which is jam packed with keepsake albums, unique cards and clever stationary sets.

Like many crafters, Waterlily Cards custom makes items to order - check out this wedding invitation.

It's stunning design and quality finish make it perfect for a laid back beach wedding - you can just imagine a tropical beach setting with the bride in a simple but stylish dress and the groom wearing rolled up trousers.

Merino Bamboo Wool Roving - Hand dyed Spinning Fiber

This glorious mix of hand dyed merino wool roving really caught my eye on SussesSpindehjrne Craftfest Stall.

I just love the colours and the way the yarn has been presented - the twisted effect just makes me want to learn spinning so I can weave my own things.

But until then, Susses Spindehjrne also has sells garments such as socks, wrist warmers and scarves that have been beautifully hand crafted from her own spun yarn.

EcoEthos Lantern - Denim -

As I started my blog with a photo about denim jeans, it is fitting that I end it with one as well. 

I spotted this amazing lantern on Smouldering Wicks Craftfest Stall - a handmade tealight nestling in a glass jar with a denim jean effect covering. And it comes with a little tealight swan so you don't burn your fingers! I love it. 

Smouldering Wicks produces a fabulous range of handmade natural wax candles & home fragrancing products.

Hey, I'm not sure it it was intentional, but each of my featured stall photos have a hint of coral about them. Go Team Coral!  I'm now going to brave the sewing room now but I'll be back soon with some more Coral Craftfest Crackers, and hopefully including Elen's finished shorts.

And until then I'll leave you with another phrase from the Crackerjack show. Enjoy with cheese and crackers and a glass of wine (or juice)...... 

"Ooh I could crush a grape!"

And if you fancy a stall on the June Craftfest - you still have time to register and set one up - the closing date is 17th June - find out more on the Creative Connections's CRAFTfest page


  1. What a great post, I like Elens shorts very much and I´m sorry to hear you got hurt, trying to help her.
    Great CraftFest stall you have found and thank you for your sweet comment about mine hand dyed roving.
    Wish you and Coral team much fun in this event :0)

  2. Fab Blog post! You must be super pleased your daughter is following in your crafty footsteps - although perhaps we should get you some kiddies scissors?? :)

  3. Fab read and thank you for mentioning my stall :)

  4. Thanks all for your lovely comments - yes I'm pleased she's finally seen the crafting light! Might see my son at it too soon! And kiddie scissors on order!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post - thank you. Its brill xx

  6. We're all showing our age now remembering Crackerjack...
    Lovely post Sharon - if only I could get away with wearing those dip dyed shorts;)

    Personal Space Interiors

  7. Thanks so much for sharing and commenting ladies.

    Gill - I'll have to get Elen to design some shorts for the Crackerjack generation!