Sunday, 17 March 2013

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

As the saying goes, if March starts quiet and pleasant like a lamb it will finish stormy and nasty like a roaring lion. Or will it be the other way round? 

So what's the weather like with you? So far in South Wales in March we have had a right mixture - sun, wind, sleet, and even a little flurry or two of snow. My other half and I spend my Saturday afternoons in Cardiff Bay while our kids have drama and singing lessons. The first Saturday of the month had us shivering in wind chill factor of -5 and rushing to get a seat inside one of the great cafes. But what a difference a week makes - last Saturday we were joined by hundreds of visitors and locals, enjoying their cappuccino or expresso sat out in glorious sunshine. It was like being in the South of France. 

This Saturday I was on my own, so I spent a bit of time browsing round the amazing Craft in the Bay exhibition and shop.  It showcases some of the best in contemporary welsh craft and although the artists work in quite different materials and styles to me, I always come away totally inspired. I drove home with loads of ideas and thoughts for my own makes - forget the washing - this Sunday I'll be sewing! 



  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for including my stall on your blog.
    I hope you are enjoying CRAFTfest and have a lovely weekend.


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  3. A lovely post Sharon - and thank you for having me!

    Personal Space Interiors

  4. Good pick of items here Sharon. I've just shared on Stumbleupon

  5. Lovely post! I still smile at the rat collection from Minty Club!


  6. Another lovely blog Sharon - am about to tweet