Thursday, 23 August 2012

Teal - Blue or Green?

I’ve just come back from a fantastic weekend camping in the Forest of Dean with a great group of friends. After a damp first night, the weather was kind and we had a lovely picnic and a not too strenuous walk looking for woodland sculptures. It was then all back to camp for some rest and relaxation with a few beers. Among the civilised discussions we had round the “camp fire” (ok, it was a Safety Lantern) was the way different people see colours.  I’ve always been fascinated by blues and greens and any shade that is a mixture of both. Turquoise, Cyan, Cerulean, Aquamarine, Teal - do they belong to the green family, or to the blue. It appeared that we often have different opinions. 

One of my favourite shades, Teal, is defined as "A moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue.” Well - bluish green to greenish blue - not sure if they've made their mind up on this one. Teal apparently gets its name from the fact that it surrounds the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family. Well, well, my maiden name was Duck so it is not surprising I love the colour! Not so keen on the common though!

So where is this all leading? Well, I’m helping out with CRAFTfest - a virtual craft extravaganza stuffed full of fabulous craft stalls with an international on-line craft fair between the 1st and 8th of September.  Each stall holder is placed in a different group where they can network with other crafters, get help and support for the CRAFTfest event and do some promoting of each other’s work.   

The groups are named after colours. And surprise, surprise, in the Teal Group! They must have seen my fabric stash which seems to be getting more and more bluey-green.  

The Teal Group is great. We have a very friendly and experienced leader, Lorraine, who as well as running her own craft business Lorraine Dowdle Creations in New Zealand, welcomes newcomers from all over the world and, together with the CRAFTfest team, makes sure we do all the right things to get our stalls up and running.  We are an active bunch on-line, with our Teal Page stuffed full of posts and comments such as tips on taking good photos, ideas on how to promote our crafts and easy guides to using Twitter or Pinterest - which I admit were a godsend to a Luddite like me!   My fellow “Tealies” have also been fantastic in promoting each other’s work - with blogs, treasuries, pinboards and tweets showcasing the most beautiful craftwork and spreading the word about CRAFTfest.  Global social networking at its best. 

So, keeping up the Tealie tradition, I’ve been looking through some of the Teal Group stalls and found some absolute gems. The theme is, of course, the colour Teal. Enjoy.

 I would love to own this stunning Teal and Brown Camera Case from My Calico Heart. It is made with the most fabulous retro fabric with a lovely strong teal colour for the strap.  

I don't carry a camera around very often, but I'm sure I could have put this bag to great use for my phone and sunglasses when walking in the forest this weekend. 

Of course, a group of 30 odd adults, teenagers and kids with lots to catch up on, meant that most of the forest wildlife heard us coming and scarpered. We did see some beautiful blue-green dragonflies (not sure if they were teal!), and a squirrel or two. No owls though. 

So this little beauty from Pins and Needles is especially welcome in this blog. Don't you think he has the cutest expression? 

I just love this gorgeous Jasper & Amethyst Pendant by Ostra's Creations.

The Forest of Dean nestles between the Wye and the Severn, two beautiful rivers that are renowned for salmon fishing as well as for great walks.  

The swirly metal loops and the lovely veins running through the jasper stone remind me of the running rivers and the silvery fish. 


The crafters taking part in CRAFTfest come from all world - Milly and Me Designs is based in Australia, and like many of us, ships internationally through her shop on Etsy.  

Her custom personalised wooden letters have lovely clean shapes and a wonderful selection of prints and colours. 

I think this combination of light teal and other blue-greens with the sharper acid greens is gorgeous, and I love the mix of cute little animals with bolder geometric shapes. 

I hope you've enjoyed this Teal coloured blog and I'll be back soon with some more Teal Group creations.


  1. I always wondered about teal too and then the colour peacock got thrown into the mix and I was even more confused!

  2. Oh of course, I forgot about peacock, Sadie - what a glorious shade.

  3. In my head, its pronounced Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal
    Sharon, have you seem the Monday task yet? I've put a link to you blog on mine here

  4. I've seen the Monday task. You are mentioned here:

    All the best for CraftFEST

  5. Lovely items. I love a bit of teal/aqua/turquoise.... all those kind of colours!