Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bread of Heaven - Feed Me til I Want No More

Watching the filming of the Only Kids Aloud Choir on Rhossilli Beach
I stayed up really late last night watching the most amazing show on earth - London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.  I don’t normally watch the Olympics - but my son was in the Welsh children’s choir - Only Kids Aloud - singing Bread of Heaven, so we all sat down together to watch the bit he was in at least. 

The videos of the children's choirs from all corners of the British Isles were lovely - they sang really well with loads of enthusiasm. And Only Kids Aloud - you did Wales proud - gorgeous sound with fantastic harmonies. 

Update and blatant plug here - all the the children's songs  Jerusalem / Flower Of Scotland / Danny Boy / Bread Of Heaven are Track 2 on the Isles of Wonder compilation album.  This track has reached Number 2 in the classical singles chart and the whole album has also reached Number 2 in the compilation album charts!

However the whole show was all incredible so we carried on watching. I rather liked the cutesy rural scene - I loved all the different cameo scenes and the geese were brilliant. But when they started on the Industrial Revolution I was hooked. I thought the attention to detail was brilliant and I loved the way they incorporated the removal of the grassy scene into the ripping up of the earth. Living in South Wales, this was such a powerful reminder of the way the Welsh Valleys were torn apart in the search for coal to feed the ugly beast of progress.

Working in the Health Service, I was especially delighted by the NHS scene - I loved all the references to children’s books and thought that the flying Mary Poppins were fantastic. I also loved the scene with the Queen and James Bond, and I thought the cycling doves were brilliant.

Danny Boyle’s whole show was a blur of zany, mad, touching and wickedly funny. I appreciate some of the references may have baffled some of the world, but the spectacle was very much a tale of the British Isles and I’m proud to be British as well as Welsh. 

The show also made me think of our wonderful heritage of industry and invention and how modern crafters are blending the old skills and techniques with new ideas to create their own unique styles…. 

So I'd like to share with you a feast of wonderful creations from just a few of the wonderful crafters from the UK and the rest of the world that I’ve met through CRAFTfest. Oh and sorry, I just can't seem to get Danny Boyle’s ideas out of my head.....

Olympic flame or Glastonbury Tor?

This gorgeous green fluorescent candle from The Wax Worx seems to be glowing already, even before it has been lit.

Ok, so your construction project may not be as big as the Olympic Stadium, but here is a great mug warmer from Kosmic Dreams to keep your builder's brew warm.


I just love the craftsmanship in this beautiful writing slope by Norfolk Woodcrafts. Beautiful reclaimed mahogany wood with boxwood stringing and inlaid centre.

I haven't checked my Lottery ticket yet, but if I'm one of the 100 millionaires from last night, I'll be buying this!

And finally, I can't forget the corgis. 

This cute pet bed has been designed for cats. However, I'm sure that if the Queen asked nicely, All Things Blankets & More could design a dog bed fit for the palace.