Saturday, 18 February 2012

First time blogger - here goes

Staring at a blank blog page wondering what to write..... almost as hard as looking at a fabulous new piece of fabric and deciding what it should be made into. My problem is I have lots of ideas but which one shall I choose - would it work best as a cushion, an apron, a bag or something completely new? You could say just buy more of the same fabric and do them all, but there are so many fabulous fabric shops out there offering so many amazing prints that I keep buying a little bit of everything. How do you decide?

One of my recent fabric shop finds is Emma's Fabric Studio Emma stocks loads of beautiful cotton quilting fabrics. I especially love her bundles, which satisfy my cravings for a little bit of everything. I've used her boys and girls Alphabet Zoo bundle for my personalised cushions for young children.  

Emma's Fabric Studio also has a selection of flannel fabrics - I couldn't resist these, although I'm not sure what they will end up as yet - I 'll have to get my thinking cap on over the summer in time for next winter.......


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