Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Mornings.............

What a glorious morning. Woke up today to beautiful sunshine - a welcome relief from a week of rain. Having done sufficient household chores to not feel guilty, I sat down with a cup of coffee and toast with honey from my friend's bee hives - bliss.

It has been a very busy few months as I have been making the costumes for Seussical the Musical that my children recently performed in with Louise Ryan Vocal School - more on this in a couple of weeks when I get some pictures back. Suffice to say that since Christmas my weekends have been a frenzy of neon lycra and feathers, and crafting for my The Old Button Folksy page had been put on the back burner. 

Although I am very sad that that Seussical is over, I now have my Sundays back and I am itching to start creating new designs and sharing them with the crafting community and prospective buyers. 

I have to admit that until recently, my use of Facebook has been limited to the occasional posting of status and pictures to friends on my personal Facebook page. However, I got really excited last weekend, when I started The Old Button Facebook page and discovered loads of other amazing crafters who were using Facebook to share their work.

I can't possibly mention everybody this time, but here are just a few who shared a "Like" with me in the first couple of days of setting up my page. I've chosen photos that go well with this lovely sunny Sunday morning in South Wales........

Ok, I know owls are night creatures, not Sunday mornings, but I just love the strong colours and floral print of this owl from Auntie's Crafty Creations. Roll on spring.......

Piggies - I love sock monkeys and these little piglets from Huckleberries are a lovely variation on the theme. Huckleberries is based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, and I hope they are enjoying the same sunny Sunday as we have here in the south.

Spring flowers! This Mother's Day Felt Flower brooch from Little Lili May is exactly the same colour as the camellia flowers outside my living room window. It is a beautiful bush with masses of deep pink flowers through the spring. They are just starting to open - I'm so glad the rain has gone.

Sunday morning has gone now...... I am looking forward to a creative Sunday afternoon creating. Shame I can't take my sewing machine out into the garden..............


Saturday, 18 February 2012

First time blogger - here goes

Staring at a blank blog page wondering what to write..... almost as hard as looking at a fabulous new piece of fabric and deciding what it should be made into. My problem is I have lots of ideas but which one shall I choose - would it work best as a cushion, an apron, a bag or something completely new? You could say just buy more of the same fabric and do them all, but there are so many fabulous fabric shops out there offering so many amazing prints that I keep buying a little bit of everything. How do you decide?

One of my recent fabric shop finds is Emma's Fabric Studio Emma stocks loads of beautiful cotton quilting fabrics. I especially love her bundles, which satisfy my cravings for a little bit of everything. I've used her boys and girls Alphabet Zoo bundle for my personalised cushions for young children.  

Emma's Fabric Studio also has a selection of flannel fabrics - I couldn't resist these, although I'm not sure what they will end up as yet - I 'll have to get my thinking cap on over the summer in time for next winter.......


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